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Dubrovnik listed as one of 10 most overrated bucket list destinations

By  Jan 29, 2018

Placepass website has recently published an ultimate travel bucket list, including things like – the top 50 travel bucket list destinations, the 10 most popular destinations, the 10 most popular attractions…

One part of the article is '10 most overrated bucket list destinations', where Dubrovnik was placed fifth.

- What makes an overrated destination? To come up with these locations, we dug into the data to find out which places have the most interest over the past year (high trend scores) but that people don’t visit as much as the trend data would indicate. So, we divided the number of visitors for each location by their respective trend scores to come up with a point of comparison (note that the visitor data sources from location to location may differ, as we relied on the sources offering the most recent visitor data we could find). Of course, just because an attraction or destination earns a spot on this most-overrated list doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting; in fact, being overrated can actually work to your advantage if you’re looking for a vacation getaway that’s not so overcrowded with tourists that you can’t relax – Placepass writes.

Bora Bora took the first place, followed by Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Fiji and then – Dubrovnik.

- There are plenty of reasons to add Dubrovnik, Croatia to your bucket list, and more than one million visitors travel to the city each year. It’s one of the most beautiful as well as one of the last remaining walled cities, so now’s your chance to experience the glorious Croatia before it becomes another over-crowded tourist destination – it's written in the article.

However, Dubrovnik didn't make it only on this list. It's also on the list of top 50 travel bucket list destinations and attractions, on the 37th place.

Read the full article here.




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