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Last minute changes to the Star Wars set Last minute changes to the Star Wars set Niksa Duper

First day of Star Wars VIII filming in Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 10, 2016

Star Wars VIII started filming in Dubrovnik last night! At around 6 o’clock in the afternoon the main street of the old city was closed to the public, large panels were placed to keep away prowling camera lenses and hundreds of security guards blocked all side streets to the set. Dubrovnik’s position, front and centre, in the latest episode of Star Wars had begun.

Filming for the VIII episode went on long into the early morning hours and crashes, bangs and high speed noises could be heard coming from the set. It is believed that last night and tonight will be a rehearsal for the main filming, the cast are rumoured to be arriving on set on the 12th of March.

Cars towing probable space ships were spotted on the main street earlier in the afternoon, and high performance car was photographed carrying a camera just before filming started.

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