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Paying with credit cards a future option Paying with credit cards a future option

Dubrovnik bus company could soon accept credit cards

By  Jan 29, 2018

Paying for your bus ticket with a credit card could soon be a reality in Dubrovnik. The public bus company, Libertas, are considering introducing credit card payment systems in their main bus station in Gruz.

The director of Libertas, Ante Vojnovdić, commented that "the bus station is looking for a solution for paying with credit cards.”

Until now this payment option hasn’t been accepted which has proved frustrating, especially for tourists in the city.

"It is absurd that in a city like Dubrovnik, a city full of tourists, that credit cards can’t be used to pay for tickets. The main obstacle, until now, has been the high rates of card commissions which are even higher than the profit margin of the company,” added Vojnovdić.

It is to be expected that soon, after the latest EU regulation limiting credit card margins, that the bus station will allow payment with credit cards.