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Dubrovnik's wailing wall Dubrovnik's wailing wall Dubrovacki Vjesnik

Wart on Dubrovnik’s stone face – restoration project under fire

By  Jan 24, 2018

One of the first things that pops into your head when you think about Dubrovnik is probably magnificent stone walls. Proud monuments that have secured the livelihood of the city, in more ways than one, over the centuries. One tiny, although not irrelevant, section of these ancient walls has recently been repaired and the results have brought a number of shocked and angry reactions. The wailing wall of Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik’s wall of shame or the future site of dozens of adverts for restaurants?

Behind the Dubrovnik Cathedral a supporting wall has been reconstructed and the results have enraged many citizens. “The wall needed repairing because it was in terrible condition, but in a stone city the wall should be repaired with stone,” commented one local citizen. Whilst another local commented, “Who supervised this and who gave it them permission to do this?”

The answer as to who gave permission for the restoration of this wall came from the Dubrovnik Restoration Institute. After numerous inquiries from media outlets in Dubrovnik they answered the following, so as they say, to make sure that the public were well informed. Here is their answer, make your own conclusions.

- The Conservation Department in Dubrovnik asked in written form to the City of Dubrovnik to repair the wall behind the cathedral. The wall was statically in very poor condition with visible cracks. The plaster had mostly fallen off the wall, so it might be possible to get the wrong impression that the wall was initially stone. The type of material from which the stone and bricks were built were originally plastered. During the repair, the wall was first disintegrated, then statically reinforced, and then re-fitted with the same material (stone and brick). The gravel and the composition of the material wall remained the same. The project for which the restoration was carried out has received all the necessary consents from the conservators who have been involved in all segments of restoration since the beginning. The final layer is antique lime-free plaster without cement plaster whose tone and manner of processing have been determined by conservators – writes the Principal of the Dubrovnik Restoration Institute Iva Carević Peković.

stone wall before 2018


stone wall after 2018




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