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Final touches being made to Star Wars VIII set in Dubrovnik Final touches being made to Star Wars VIII set in Dubrovnik

VIDEO – Star Wars VIII first day of filming arrives

Written by  Mar 09, 2016

The first day of filming of Star Wars VIII in Dubrovnik has arrived. The Stradun, the main street through the Old City, is getting the final touches as the cast is expected to arrive in the next couple of days.

Even though filming is expected to begin today in Dubrovnik it was originally mentioned by the production company that the first day of filming with the actual cast would be on the 11th of March. Rumours are rife in the city on who the main stars will be, with names such as Mark Hamill and Benicio Del Toro mentioned. Filming in Dubrovnik is expected to continue until the 16th of March.

All residents of the city have received an announcement of the filming from the City of Dubrovnik where they have been informed that due to filming a few of the streets in the city will be closed. From the announcement it is clear that filming for Star Wars VIII will be made in the evening and at night, however it is still unclear as to whether the Stradun will be open in the day. According to information we have obtained cafes and shops be able to remain open until 2pm, however this has yet to be officially confirmed.

As the final alterations to the set in Dubrovnik are being made we bring you a video from the Digital Nomads of the set before filming begins.

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