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PHOTO GALLERY – Winter atmosphere in Dubrovnik Photos by Ivana Smilovic

PHOTO GALLERY – Winter atmosphere in Dubrovnik

Written by  Jan 23, 2018

Winter in Dubrovnik is mostly calm and silent. Today was cloudy, with some rain and even moments of sun. Temperatures were around 8 °C. 

Those who had an opportunity to visit Dubrovnik only during the summer months would find winter Dubrovnik more than strange. You can almost hear your steps while you walk in the Old City.

Only locals, couple of small tourist groups, backpackers and children bring a bit of sound in this calm. Dubrovnik is asleep and there is something magical in it.

Check our photo gallery made today and feel a bit of the winter atmosphere.


IMG 3794


IMG 3795


IMG 3796


IMG 3801


IMG 3802


IMG 3803


IMG 3809


IMG 3816


IMG 3818


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