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New flights to Munich New flights to Munich Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines expands flights from Dubrovnik for this summer

By  Mark Thomas Jan 21, 2018

The national air carrier of Croatia, Croatia Airlines, is planning to add new European destinations to its flight schedule this summer. One of the most interesting new routes is a direct line from Dubrovnik to Munich. With the German market an extremely important one for Dubrovnik the introduction of flights to another destination will surely attract interest.

"After several years of recession, the Croatian economy is recovering and the market requires new leisure destinations. This is why we expect that many travellers, both from Croatia and other markets, will use our products more", commented Croatia Airlines to the media.

Adding in a statement that “Croatia has been a tourist hit at a global level for several years, not only during the summer season but also in winter. In accordance with these trends and our capacities, in the future, we plan to further expand our European network of destinations and strengthen our position as a regional leader".

These new flights to Munich will start on the 30th of April and end in the middle of October, and five times a week the Bavarian city and Dubrovnik will be connected with flights.