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Roadworks underway in Cavtat Roadworks underway in Cavtat

Cavtat to get a new entrance road in a 20 million Kuna project

By  Jan 17, 2018

The days of a blind turn into Cavtat from the main road will soon be behind us as a reconstruction project is currently underway. Creating a safer and wider entrance into the road to Cavtat has been in the pipeline for decades, but now the project is in the final stages. All the documentation required has long been collected, the process of expropriation and the purchase of land has been completed and the works are being carried out with full intensity.

"For decades we have been waiting for the beginning of works that will solve the traffic jams that have caused great dissatisfaction for locals and guests. The process of designing and getting all the necessary permits has been going on for too long, but luckily it is now behind us and it is time for Cavtat to get an entry road it deserves due to the traffic load during the season. The works should end by September this year, and the value of the project is almost HRK 20 million,” commented the mayor of Konavle Božo Lasić.

The contract for reconstruction, worth HRK 19.38 million, was signed in May by the President of the Croatian Road Administration, Josip Škorić, and CEO of Osijek-koteksa, Zoran Škorić. The President of the Croatian Road Administration said on that occasion that this project would solve a dangerous crossing and a big problem.