Monday, 22 October 2018
Rising house prices in Dubrovnik Rising house prices in Dubrovnik

House prices rise in Dubrovnik – but so does demand

By  Jan 14, 2018

Real estate prices in Dubrovnik are again on the way up. After a period of stagnation, the property prices, which are by the far the most expensive in the whole of Croatia, have again started to rise and December saw an increase.

According to the specialised Croatian property website,, the average advertised apartment price in Dubrovnik in December 2017 was a staggering 3,519 Euros per metre squared. This price is a 14 percent increase over December in 2016, and a 20 percent increase over 2015.

Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian city of Split saw the largest property price rises in 2017, whilst many houses in the interior of the country actually fell in value. The average price of a metre squared of property in Split was around 2,500 Euros per metre squared in 2017.

And the demand for investing in Dubrovnik seems to be growing at the same pace as the real estate prices rise. “We have a long list of foreign buyers lining up to purchase property in Dubrovnik. However, it is difficult to match the supply to the demand. If you have the right property at the right price it can be sold in a week,” commented a Dubrovnik real estate agent.



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