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Game of Thrones coming back Game of Thrones coming back

Lights, action, camera…Dubrovnik to host three major film productions this year

Written by  Mark Thomas Jan 08, 2018

With the news that the HBO bandwagon will once again hitch up in Dubrovnik this year for the final season of Game of Thrones it looks like being another hectic year of filming in the city.

Rumours suggest that Game of Thrones will roll into the city in February this year and filming for the final season of this mega-popular series will once again attract the world’s media. And if the rumours are correct we are in for a big finish, with plenty of bangs and explosions and quite possibly a full cast in King’s Landing.

But the Game of Thrones isn’t the only international film production planning to whack the clapperboard in Dubrovnik this year.

The latest, and the 25th in the franchise, James Bond movie will also be using the stone facades and turquoise Adriatic to full effect. With Daniel Craig as 007 filming is rumoured to starting in the spring of this year, presumably they won’t be bumping into the Game of Thrones crew, with possible dates of April and May speculated.

007 daniel criag shatterhand dubrovnik

These details might take some time to come out as it appears the production company are still annoyed at the former mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahusic, for announcing that Bond was to use Dubrovnik as a location. However, the production company have let a few juicy rumors slip, such as the fact the 007 will have a near death experience in the Adriatic, a host of luxury cars will be involved and that Mr. Bond will encounter old acquaintances. The last Bond “Spectre” movie had a budget of $300 million and estimates suggest that filming in Dubrovnik could cost between four and six million Kuna per day.

That isn’t all. Game of Thrones and James Bond will not be the only major international productions in Dubrovnik this year. The Dubrovnik Times has learnt of another huge production that could well be filmed this year. Another major sci-fi franchise has cast an eye over Dubrovnik, quite possibly due to the Star Wars connection, and is seriously considering using the city as a backdrop.



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