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A room with a view will cost you A room with a view will cost you

Dubrovnik a leader in property prices in 2017 in Croatia

By  Jan 04, 2018

After two years of stagnation real estate prices in Croatia rose last year by 2.32 percent, according to a survey by a specialised Croatian property website. There is a huge difference between house prices on the coast and in the interior and in 2017 this gap increased.

Once again Dubrovnik has the most expensive properties in the whole of the country, the average price per metre squared in 2017 was 2,494 Euros for an apartment and 2,100 Euros for a house. These prices put Dubrovnik way out in first place, double the price of properties in other cities.

The biggest increase in prices was recorded in Pula, 11%, meaning that an apartment will cost you on average around 1,485 Euros per metre squared. The lowest prices are still in the eastern part of Croatia, where the average apartment prices go below 800 euros per metre squared, and house prices do not exceed 500 euros per square.



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