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Amazing detail of Dubrovnik in the winter Amazing detail of Dubrovnik in the winter 2thesign

Winter is Coming? Dubrovnik shines in January

By  Jan 03, 2018

With the comment “Winter is coming? 11 °C today” this amazing aerial photo quite clearly shows that Dubrovnik is doing its best to avoid winter this year.

Whilst most of northern Europe freezes under a coating of ice Dubrovnik is gliding through winter with blue skies and bucket loads of sunshine.

Even we didn’t believe that the photo was taken today, but the authors of the photo 2thesign, confirmed to us that is was indeed taken high above the Old City today. Truly amazing colours and the contrast between the turquoise Adriatic Sea and the terracotta roofs certainly caught our eye.

And you thought Dubrovnik was only a summer destination.

2thesign aerial dubrovnik

Amazing shot of Dubrovnik from the air



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