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Futuristic fountain in Dubrovnik Futuristic fountain in Dubrovnik Ivan Vukovic

Star Wars making final set arrangements in Dubrovnik

Written by  Mar 04, 2016

With just a under a week left until the filming of Star Wars VIII in Dubrovnik the final touches are being made to the set. The historic old city of Dubrovnik has been transformed into scenes from a galaxy far away, the latest facade to get the Star Wars make-over is the Great Onofrio Fountain. The fountain, which has only recently been renovated, now has a rather futuristic look to it.

Many of the buildings on the Stradun, the main street that runs through the centre of Dubrovnik, have new facades and even now have new window decorations. Again today the Stradun will be closed from 8pm until midnight whilst the final technical rehearsals are carried out.

The only thing missing is the actors that will appear in Dubrovnik. It had been previously rumoured that Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker and Daisy Ridley, who stars as Rey, will appear in Dubrovnik, although Ridley has said in an interview for the BBC that she will not be filming in Dubrovnik. A landspeeder on rails has been spotted on the Stradun by a local media outlet giving more weight to the rumour that Skywalker will arrive.

Many other public spaces around Dubrovnik have now been prepared for filming, including the Dominican Monastery and the interior of the Rectors Palace. The terrible weather in Dubrovnik at the moment is proving a challenge for the production crew, heavy rains and gale force southerly winds have been battering the region for the past week.

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