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New Year in Dubrovnik is always entertaining New Year in Dubrovnik is always entertaining

London for party, Paris for love, Dubrovnik for intimacy

By  Dec 28, 2017

Every year the most popular world destinations such as New York, Edinburgh, London, Vienna, Berlin, Paris and Dubai are traditionally on recommendation lists of destinations known for great New Year’s Eve parties.

When it comes to Europe, several web portals have made a list of most desirable European destinations for New Year’s Eve. To our proud and joy, the city of Dubrovnik has found its place on this prestigious list.

The British capital of London is always a ‘’must visit’’ destination on all lists. The city topped the list of New Year’s Eve destinations because it is completely dedicated to fun and entertainment on every corner.

Paris in France has always been known as a city of love, thus that is what this city will be for New Year’s Eve, a hot spot for romantic celebration on boats sailing the Seine River.

The Portuguese island of Madeira is an ideal destination for fireworks lovers. In 2006, Madeira made it to the Guinness Book of Records with the largest fireworks in the world.

The popular New Year’s Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany traditionally attracts more than a million people with its more than a two-kilometre long stage for music, light and other shows.

Although it is not the first choice for many in Croatia, this year Dubrovnik offers a great New Year’s Eve party on the Stradun. The city expects around 6,000 visitors to pack the world’s most beautiful street, however, thanks to many bars and restaurants tucked into small side streets, almost an intimate atmosphere is guaranteed to those who would like avoid crowds this year.