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The Sun blames film productions for Dubrovnik tourism chaos The Sun blames film productions for Dubrovnik tourism chaos Screenshot

THE SUN - Dubrovnik was a filming location for Star Wars – but the locals really don’t want you to visit

By  Dec 28, 2017

One of the most popular newspapers in the UK, The Sun, has published an article entitled “Dubrovnik was a filming location for Star Wars: The Last Jedi AND Game of Thrones – but the locals really don’t want you to visit.”

Dubrovnik has attracted a number of A List film productions over the past few years, it all began with the HBO serial Game of Thrones, such as Star Wars, Robin Hood and Knightfall. All of these mega productions have brought with them a new profile of tourists to Dubrovnik, film fan tourists.

By far the most attractive is Game of Thrones, which can be seen with the fact that over the past few years’ American tourists have been extremely numerous in the city, and without any direct flights from the US to Croatia. The Sun suggests that this influx of new tourists is just too much for Dubrovnik. “The success of the new Star Wars film is bound to attract Dubrovnik even more attention – probably not the most welcome thought for many residents,” writes the author of the piece in the online version of the newspaper.

In reality film fan tourists are far from being the main problem with the overcrowding of Dubrovnik through the summer months. Around two million tourists visited Dubrovnik this year, however half of this number were cruise ship passengers. The challenges that Dubrovnik tourism industry faces is mainly centred around this massive number of cruise ship passengers. Due to the fact that they come over a brief period of time and block the city’s infrastructure. Film fan tourists have never been mentioned at any level in the city as a possible problem, quite the opposite, in fact many new businesses have opened to cater for film fans. And with the latest James Bond set to film in the city at the beginning of 2018 Dubrovnik can look forward to a whole new demographic of film tourists.

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