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Cleaner seas in Dubrovnik harbour Cleaner seas in Dubrovnik harbour Zeljko Tutnjevic

Dubrovnik harbour finally back to its pristine best after catastrophic pollution

By  Dec 26, 2017

The catastrophic pollution that had plagued the Old City of Dubrovnik harbour has almost been completely cleaned. Heavy southerly winds had brought tonnes of waste, including plastic bottles, footballs and large logs, floating into the old harbour.

The public cleaning company, city services and volunteers all assisted in the massive clean-up operation with more than 100 cubic metres of waste collected in a just a few days.

At the time the Croatian MEP, Dubravka Suica, appealed to the European Commission “"As the existing regulations are insufficient to regulate marine waste, and I am calling on the Commission to urgently take measures to save the Dubrovnik coast and the rest of the Adriatic.” It appeared that the vast majority of the waste had been brought on gale force winds from Albania. And Suica continued that “Although Albania is a signatory to the Barcelona Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Area of the Mediterranean, the amount of Albanian waste has not diminished and is increasingly damaging the Croatian coast, inhabitants and marine flora and fauna.”

Thanks to the monumental effort of the cleaning services and volunteers, as well as a favourable northerly wind, the ancient harbour is almost back to its pristine best. At least until more southerly winds bring more waste and pollution.

old city harbour pollution 2017 6

The scene in the Dubrovnik harbour on the 17th of December 

rubbish in porat 2017 1

And on the 25th of December 



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