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Live Nativity Scene in Dubrovnik tomorrow

By  Dec 22, 2017

Live Nativity Scene will be held tomorrow, Saturday 23rd, in front of Dubrovnik Cathedral at 5.30 pm. This special Christmas event will tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, a real life Christmas nativity scene.

Every year, different family has the honour to play Mary, Joseph and little Jesus, and this year that are the members of Lujak family. Pastors, angels and singers will enrich the program. Culture-art society Osojnik will take place in the procession too and sing traditional Dubrovnik Christmas Carol – Kolenda.

The musical program is in the hands of Stijepo Glad Markos and the members of the Council for life and family by Diocese of Dubrovnik. Like every year, there will also be real animals, all ''borrowed'' by Ilar Paskojevic.