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Winter is coming: Cold days expected in Dubrovnik

By  Dec 20, 2017


State Meteorological Institute issued this morning a warning for the low temperatures that are expected in the next couple of days. In Dubrovnik, 21 and 22 December, a moderate risk of cold that could affect health is expected – State Meteorological Institute and the Public Health Institute of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County warned.

The Public Health Institute warns everybody to avoid exposure to low temperatures during the early morning and night hours, especially if you suffer from heart and respiratory diseases. Layers are the key, with an outer layer that is impermeable to wind and moisture, preferably wool, polypropylene and silk that retain more heat in the inner layers of cotton.



If you are visiting Dubrovnik during this cold, protect your head with a hat, put some gloves on and cover your mouth with a scarf, to prevent direct cold air inhalation.

Do not ignore the shivers when staying outdoors, too long exposure to the cold with a shivering sign is a sign for immediate return to the interior – the Public Health Institute warns.