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Surely this must be enough proof! Surely this must be enough proof! Marc Van Bloemen and Mark Thomas

Croatian MEP calls on European Commission to respond to Albanian waste

By  Mark Thomas Dec 19, 2017

The Dubrovnik Old City harbour is slowly but surely being cleaned of all the waste material that has clogged this ancient port over the past few days. Tonnes of waste has already been removed from the Adriatic as city services have been working around the clock, with the assistance of volunteers, to fight this ecological disaster.

A great deal of the plastic waste found in the ancient harbour arrived on gale force south winds from Albania. Plastic bottles with Albanian labels and even footballs with the Albanian national crest have been washed to shore. And Dubravka Šuica, a Croatian MEP, thinks it’s time that the European Commission responded to the huge amounts of waste arriving on Croatian shores from Albania.

"As the existing regulations are insufficient to regulate marine waste, and I am calling on the Commission to urgently take measures to save the Dubrovnik coast and the rest of the Adriatic," said Dubravka Šuica. Adding that "Although Albania is a signatory to the Barcelona Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Area of the Mediterranean, the amount of Albanian waste has not diminished and is increasingly damaging the Croatian coast, inhabitants and marine flora and fauna.”