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CNN promotes Dubrovnik as Star Wars location Star Wars: The Last Jedi Premiere in Dubrovnik - Photo: Niksa Duper-Hanza Media

CNN promotes Dubrovnik as Star Wars location

By  Dec 18, 2017

A few days ago CNN Travel has published an article titled 'Star Wars locations that actually exist’ and Dubrovnik found its place on it. Star Wars fans couldn’t wait for the newest movie – The Last Jedi. Especially the fans from Dubrovnik, since the movie was partly filmed in our city.

-Plenty of people dream of travel to other planets. But "Star Wars" fans can actually visit locations where many of the films' most famous scenes were shot – writes CNN.

And there's no better choice than Dubrovnik, or should we say – Canto Bight. After playing King's Landing in the famous series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is now embracing the new, out of this world role.

-The medieval walled city's well-preserved center gets a futuristic makeover to transform it into the "Star Wars" equivalent of Vegas. The Adriatic port already trades heavily on its GoT connections with some complaining the screen role has brought in too many visitors. Let's hope this additional exposure doesn't create much more of a disturbance -- in the streets, let alone the Force – writes CNN.

Just a reminder - Star Wars: The Last Jedi used Dubrovnik as a location back in March last year and various locations around the historic Old City were used. In fact the main street through the city, Stradun, was transformed into a galaxy, far, far away.

Filming in Croatia was realized through the measures of the Croatian Audiovisual Center and 286 domestic filmmakers, 10 interns and 120 extras were involved in the project. During the filming Stradun was partly closed and only the firefighters, police and emergency assistance could pass. Most of the scenes were filmed during the night and some parts were shot on the Sea Star ship.