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Where is the turquoise Adriatic? Where is the turquoise Adriatic? Mark Thomas

PHOTO/VIDEO – Dubrovnik harbour under siege from tonnes of floating debris

By  Dec 17, 2017

“It’s shocking. I can’t ever remember seeing the harbour like this,” commented a citizen of the Old City of Dubrovnik today. Gale force southerly winds have been blowing for the past week in the Dubrovnik region and brought with them a whole collection of floating waste into the Old City harbour.

Far from the normal turquoise blue seas that feature on postcards the Adriatic looks like muddy gravy. Logs, plastic bottles, bamboo, children’s toys and much more is floating in the busy harbour.

“We found a football with the Albanian flag on it,” added an employee of the Dubrovnik Public cleaning service. Members of the cleaning service, the Dubrovnik fire brigade and volunteers are all on the scene fishing tonnes of garbage from the sea. One local diver, Vlaho Kisic, was volunteering to pull out the larger pieces of debris for most of the morning. The larger logs have been the centre of attention as they pose a threat to the small boats in the harbour.

More than 50 cubic metres of rubbish has already been scooped out of the Old City harbour according to a statement from the Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Orlanda Tokić, adding that there will be more eco-actions to make sure the sea is cleaned as soon as possible.

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