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Mine on Banje Beach Mine on Banje Beach Zeljko Tutnjevic

World War II mine washes up on busy Dubrovnik beach

By  Dec 16, 2017

On the busiest and most iconic beach in Dubrovnik, Banje Beach, a World War II mine floated up onto the beach this morning. The gale force south winds, that have been blowing for the past few days, quite probably brought this unwanted “surprise” onto the beach.

sea mine world war II dubrovnik

On a beach that is full on hundreds of thousands of tourists throughout the summer months it was surreal to see a World War II mine float up and land on the beach. The police were immediately called to the scene and the bomb was removed from the beach and deactivated. The road above the beach was closed for most of the morning whilst the police cordoned off the scene.

mine on dubrovnik beach from world war II


According to unofficial information from the scene the bomb was an English made sea mine, but this has yet to be confirmed. It would appear that the rough seas finally broke the rusty chain that anchored the mine and washed it up on the Banje Beach. However, where the mine had actually arrived from will remain a mystery forever.