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Mato Frankovic with Jasmin Bajic Mato Frankovic with Jasmin Bajic Grad Dubrovnik

Mayor of Dubrovnik urges Croatia Airlines to reduce ticket prices

Written by  Dec 08, 2017

The Mayor of the City of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, received an official visit from the Managing Director of Croatia Airlines, Jasmin Bajic, today. At the very beginning of the meeting Mayor Frankovic congratulated Croatia Airlines on a successful season and commented that the national carrier should be of strategic interest to the Republic of Croatia because it is one of the indicators of a stable market.

During the official visit Frankovic and Bajic discussed the future cooperation between the City of Dubrovnik and the national air carrier.

Mayor Frankovic said that currently the City of Dubrovnik currently spends around two and a half million Kuna annually for ticket subsidies for citizens. And added that unfortunately it has not been able to make financially easier for the inhabitants of Dubrovnik to travel to the Croatian capital because in the meantime Croatia Airlines has raised ticket prices.

The mayor also appealed to Croatia Airlines to find new ways to make it easier for the citizens of Dubrovnik to travel to Zagreb as a certain number of these passengers are travelling to visit hospitals in the capital.

Bajić thanked Mayor Frankovic for his comments and introduced him to the way the air carrier operates as well as the problems facing the national air carrier.

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