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All you need to know about the second weekend of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival

By  Dec 07, 2017

The second weekend of the 4th Dubrovnik Winter Festival has a lot to offer to everybody! The second advent candle, the candle of peace, will be lit up, two concerts of famous Croatian musicians – Jacques Houdek and Massimo will be held, there will be humanitarian Cake Party, as well as many other events, with programs in the Bay of Lapad and Mokosica too. 

Let's start with the sweetest thing this weekend! The tenth edition of the humanitarian Cake Party organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board will be held on Saturday, starting at 11 am, in front of St.Blaise Church. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy sweets and to confirm how sweet it is to help somebody in need. Cake Pary has a lot more to offer than just cakes – fun program with DJ and dance studios Lazareti and Step'n'Jazz.


On Saturday evening, in front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the second advent candle , the candle of peace will be lit. The word service will be led by don Stanko Lasic and it will be accompanied by the liturgical singing.

The musical part of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival this weekend will be marked with concerts of some of the strongest vocalists of Croatian music scene. Jacques Houdek will perform on Friday at 9pm at the center of all events – Stradun. On Saturday, Massimo will take his place at the same time. An unique concert of spiritual music will be held on Sunday at 8 pm also at Stradun with Alan Hrzica, Petar Buljan, Stijepo Gled-Markos and friends.

In Dubrovnik, there is no Christmas without traditional Christmas charol – Kolenda. Trio Lero will be in charge this weekend to bring a sound of Dubrovnik tradition to Brsalje, Gundulic Square and Prijeko from 7 pm to 9 pm. On Saturday, at the same time, vocal group Karaka will do the same, while Sunday morning is reserved for vocal group Maestral (from 10 am to noon). 


Saturday will be vivid and cheerful at the Bay of Lapad, where the students from Ballet departament of Luka Sorkocevic Art School and dance association Cudesni koraci will perform. Since there is no real December feeling without Christmas songs, they will be joined by children choirs who will have a concert. That will all happen on the festival stage, next to the fountain from 2pm to 5 pm.

This week's Sunday morning at Nova Mokosica brings an interactive play for the children, made by Theater Society Osijek named ''Santa Claus Letter/Audition for Santa Claus00, which will be held at 3 pm, next to Caffe bar Kiss. Vocal group Subrenum will sing at the same place from 5:30 pm.

Also, it is worth reminding that this Sunday mums, dads, grandparents can bring their youngest to the Teddy Bear Park at Pile, where they can meet the most magical creatures every Sunday from 11am to noon.

For all the other reminders and interesting things about the Dubrovnik Winter Festival program, there is the Dubrovnik Winter Festival App that is available for download on Android at and at for iOS devices.