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Dubrovnik hits the list of the best designed basketball courts in the world

By  Dec 06, 2017

Architectural Digest has recently published a really interesting article titled 'The 10 Best Designed Basketball Courts in the World' and one special basketball court placed in the Old City of Dubrovnik is on the third place. 

-Basketball courts do not need to be spectacular in design to accomplish their purpose. In fact, they require only to be ninety-four feet by fifty feet while containing two hoops on the far side of each other – it's explained in the article with addition that that hasn't stopped people from all over the world from designing some beautiful basketball courts.
Architectural Digest says that with this list you really have no excuse to burn off those extra calories while traveling the world and tasting the local cuisines.

First of ten basketball courts is in St. Louis, Missouri, second in Munich, Germany and third – in Dubrovnik!

-For those who are lucky enough to play basketball within City Wall Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia, the experience will likely stay with them for a lifetime. Not only is the court set within the old, terra-cotta roofs of the city, but the views of the Adriatic Sea are something out of a fairy tale in Croatia – writes Architectural Digest and we agree!

See the full list here and choose your place to shoot hoops.