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Canon arrives at new home Canon arrives at new home Zeljko Tutnjevic

Dubrovnik fortress accepts delivery of canon - by helicopter

By  Dec 06, 2017

Well that’s something you don’t see every day – a canon hanging from a helicopter. Hoovering over the Lovrijenac Fortress the Croatian Air Force helicopter slowly but surely lowered a canon down into its new home. Yes, it isn't only Amazon that delivers products to the door by helicopter. 

The canon in question is a replica of a Jeronim Vicenco cannon, which was on Lovrijenac until 1816. The original is in the Military History Museum in Vienna. A figure of the Dubrovnik protector saint - Saint Blaise and numerous decorations can be seen on the cannon and will surely complete the image of Lovrijenac, the most popular stage of Shakespeare's Hamlet in Dubrovnik.

canon new replica


It is interesting to known that one of the cannons was made by famous Ivan Rabljanin in 1505 and the other one, which was returned to Lovrijenac today, was made by Jeronim Vicenco in 1573.

The President of the Society or Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, Niko Kapetanic, is proud because of the return of 'heavy artillery' to the fort.

-We managed to make a replica of Jeronim Vicenco's cannon which was in Dubrovnik until the Austrians took it to Vienna. There is a beautiful figure of St. Blaise on it, combined with decorations and inscriptions. The replica is made of the same material as the original - said Kapetanic.

helicopter delivers canon to dubrovnik