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Record breaking year for Dubrovnik tourism Record breaking year for Dubrovnik tourism

2017 a record breaking year for Dubrovnik tourism

Written by  Mark Thomas Dec 03, 2017

Dubrovnik has achieved record breaking tourism results this year. From the beginning of this year until the end of November an impressive 1.160 million tourists arrived in the city, which is a massive 17 percent more than the same period from last year. Over that period of time the city achieved 3.9 million overnight stays, which again is an increase over last year this year by 14 percent.

The most numerous guests to Dubrovnik this year, in terms of nationality, were from the United Kingdom, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Croatia, Australia and Sweden.

The post season has also recorded great results, in spite of the fact that most of the hotels are closed during the winter, with 26,947 tourists arriving in Dubrovnik during November. The majority of these guests were from Croatia, the USA, Albania, South Korea, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina, proving that the desperate lack of flights from major European cities changes the face of tourism for the city. In spite of the lack of flights there was an increase of tourists by 23 percent in November.

winter tourism in dubrovnik 2017

November sees an increase of tourists as Dubrovnik makes slow steps into improving winter tourism 

The figures from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board show that the private apartments and villas have seen the biggest increase in accommodation in the city. Whilst hotels experienced a slight 5 percent increase in guest numbers, a total of 627,000 guests, the private accommodation of the city saw an increase of 23 percent, in total 383,000 guests in the first eleven months of 2017. It would also appear that 2018 will be another record breaking year, the indicators show more flights and an even greater interest in the number of tourists.