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Mayor offers 2018 budget proposal Mayor offers 2018 budget proposal Zeljko Tutnjevic

City of Dubrovnik plans 575 million Kuna budget for 2018

By  Mark Thomas Dec 03, 2017

The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, presented the City of Dubrovnik’s proposed budget for 2018 which amounts to just over 575 million Kuna, or 76.1 million Euros.

The mayor also confirmed that the city plans to take credit, in the amount of 111 million Kuna, for the reconstruction of a primary school (43 million), reconstruction of road between the Dubrovnik Bridge and the village of Osojnik (24 million), the purchase of Villa ─îingrija (17.5 million) plus three other major projects.

mayor of dubrovnik 2017


The city also plans to purchase ten new buses for the public bus company Libertas, to the value of 18 million Kuna. The construction of 108 apartments for Croatian military veterans in the city was also put forward and talks will continue with the Ministry of Defence.

80 million Kuna is planned for cultural projects, including twelve different cultural institutions. Whilst for sport in the city just over 14 million Kuna is planned.