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Need a head for heights to do this! Need a head for heights to do this! Ivana Smilovic

PHOTO – Dubrovnik firemen give a helping hand for Christmas

By  Nov 23, 2017

Who do you call when you need to reach extraordinary heights? The Dubrovnik Fire Brigade lent a helping hand today to decorate the historic Old City of Dubrovnik for the festive season. With the help of their pulleys, ropes and abseiling skills the fireman hung Christmas lights on the iconic Bell Tower in the centre of the city.

bell tower dubrovnik lights
At 31 metres high the Bell Tower is one the most visible landmarks of the city and the work today certainly looked hair-raising and not for those who suffer from acrophobia. These very lights are sure to appear on thousands of photos on social media when the festivities begin.

bell tower festive lights dubrovnik fireman

festive fireman dubrovnik

abseiling fireman

dubrovnik fireman hanging

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