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Is this sight a thing of the past? Is this sight a thing of the past?

Has Dubrovnik found a solution for cruise ship chaos – only five days next year with more than 4,000 passengers

By  Mark Thomas Nov 23, 2017

One of the most controversial tourism topics in Dubrovnik was again in the spotlight yesterday as the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, met with the Director of the Port of Dubrovnik, Blaz Pezo, to discuss next year’s cruise ship arrivals.
Dubrovnik has been accustomed to being inundated with cruise ships and passengers throughout the summer months with around 800,000 passengers arriving every year. The resulting effects are a collapse of the city’s infrastructure, huge crowds inside the historic Old City and dissatisfied guests.

This trend could soon be changed as for next season the arrival schedule of cruise ships in Dubrovnik has been totally altered meaning that there will be only five days next year that more than 4,000 passengers disembark in the city.

The Port of Dubrovnik has been working on dispersing the arrivals of mega ships through the summer. Meaning that instead of the traditional cruise ship crush from Thursdays to Sundays, the ships will be reallocated throughout the rest of the week.

The achieved schedule largely avoids simultaneous arrivals and departures of ships, thus meaning that a figure of 4,000 passengers at one time is made possible. It was emphasized at the meeting that during the whole season there will be only five days on which more ships arrivals overlap and that one those days there will be a coordination of the activities of the relevant services to control the flow of passengers and traffic.

Mayor Franković expressed his satisfaction with these positive trends and recalled that the City of Dubrovnik and all the partners involved will continue to work on establishing optimal solutions for 2019.


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