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Darth Vader with his Strom Troopers in Dubrovnik Darth Vader with his Strom Troopers in Dubrovnik starwarsdubrovnik.com

Darth Vader appears in Dubrovnik!

Written by  Feb 27, 2016

Darth Vader with two of his Storm Troopers strode through the streets of Dubrovnik this morning, and no, it was not the beginning of filming of the eighth episode of Star Wars in the city.

It has to happen, the temptation was just too much to avoid. Croatian fans of the Star Wars franchise took advantage of the freedom to walk around on the set on the main street to have a little fun. Members of the Croatian Star Wars Fan Club dressed up and filmed themselves “on set” on the Stradun. Darth Vader, with two Storm Troopers to tow, strolled through the cobbled streets on Dubrovnik at 6 o’clock in the morning today. They pretty much has the Old City of Dubrovnik to themselves and made the most of the empty streets by acting out scenes from Star Wars with just a few early birds looking on.

However it didn’t take long for Darth Vader to cause a crowd, tourists and locals surrounded the “Dark Lord” and pressed for selfies, maybe even a few thought that recording had begun.

According to a report on starwarsdubrovnik.com the trio made a hasty escape from the main street and the fans and darted up a side street before finding refuge in a house. This is quite possibly the first time that Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers have run from tourists!

Darth Vader in Dubrovnik

Darth Vader escapes from the crowds - Photo starwarsdubrovnik.com

Storm Troopers in Dubrovnik

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