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Dubrovnik Winter Festival promoted in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Split

Written by  Nov 13, 2017

Dubrovnik is really getting into the winter spirit! Programme of the Dubrovnik Winter Festival has been successfully promoted all around – in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Split.

Dubrovnik Tourist Board promoted one of the most lovalble Dubrovnik festivals in Slovenia, or more precisely in Ljubljana in Stritarijeva street on Thursday, November 10th. Promotion continued at Cvijetni trg in Zagreb on Saturday and ended on Sunday, November 12th at Peristil of Dioclesians Palace in Split.

Vocal group Kase was entartaining everybody with traditional Christmas charol from Dubrovnik - Kolenda and everybody got the chance to try prikle, arancini and other Dubrovnik delicacies while learning the rich programme of fourth Dubrovnik Winter Festival. Dubrovnik Tourist Board made sure that everybody knows that Dubrovnik is the city for all seasons.

The Dubrovnik Winter Festival offers a rich and varied gastronomic, cultural and music program and this type of promotion has proved to be excellent considering the number of people gathered and interest of foreign and domestic tourists for Advent in Dubrovnik.


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