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Will we see Qatar in Dubrovnik next year Will we see Qatar in Dubrovnik next year

Are flights from Qatar to Dubrovnik in the pipeline?

Written by  Nov 10, 2017

"We still have several destinations in the Balkans which we will launch. We will announce these new destinations soon. I am not prepared to reveal them now because I don't want to give my competition the opportunity to have an insight into our strategy,” commented the CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, to the news network Al Jazeera.

The national airline of Qatar launched flights to Sarajevo from Doha last week and is now looking to expand into the region even more. Back in June the airline said it was considering several destinations in south-east Europe including Ljubljana. And now it is rumoured that Dubrovnik is on the radar for the airline. Qatar Airlines already operates flights from Doha to Zagreb and has shown confidence in these flights as the frequencies have been increased for next year.

"This region is growing. It is becoming affluent and at the same time there is economic growth here and an airline plays a very important part in the economic growth of a country. So we intend to continue our expansion in Eastern Europe,” added Al Baker.

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