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Promotion on German media giant Promotion on German media giant

Erasmus student promotes Dubrovnik through German media giant

By  Oct 27, 2017

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The European Union exchange student program, Erasmus, has brought hundreds of foreign students to Dubrovnik. In fact, the majority of students in The Dubrovnik University are not from the city.

And evidence that all these foreign students not only bring a colourful international feel to Dubrovnik but they can also help to promote the city, comes in the form of this video that was sent to us from an Erasmus student from Slovakia.

Viktor Kudzia spent one semester in Dubrovnik and filmed this short video which he then sent to the German media giant Deutsche Welle (DW) who featured it on their website and it was also broadcast on the DW show “Check-In” where it was seen my over 100 million viewers in Germany and worldwide.

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