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Roko Tolic gets another month Roko Tolic gets another month

Dubrovnik Airport working on a month to month basis

By  Oct 23, 2017

At today's session of the society assembly in Zagreb the mandate of the Dubrovnik Airport Director, Roko Tolić, has been extended to the end of the tender procedure.

Dubrovnik airport is currently the only airport in Croatia where a new director still has not been elected for a four-year term. In Dubrovnik three candidates registered for the position, including Tolić, however in the meantime the two other candidates dropped out. One candidate did not have all the necessary qualifications, while the other decided to drop out of the application for the leading position at Dubrovnik Airport.

Tolić’s contract has been extended several times on a monthly basis, and the final decision on the appointment of a new director should be made by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

In a time where the Dubrovnik Airport is going through a complicated investment stage, involving European Union funds, it is vital that a director is appointed on a four-year mandate as soon as possible. Why the government is dragging their heels is unsure, the airport has recorded its best year on record and welcomed 2 million passengers for the first time ever, and with the investment phase in full swing it would seem extremely important to have a director named.