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PHOTO – Making of Mandarica – the forgotten cake Photos by Ivana Smilovic

PHOTO – Making of Mandarica – the forgotten cake

By  Oct 20, 2017

Good Food Festival is one of the most favourite festivals in Dubrovnik and it again proves why. One part of rich programme was held today morning in the Tourist Information Centre at Pile – the presentation of Mandarica by Jadre Nicetic and Lucija Tomasic. Ladies did their best to present this special and yet simple dessert. Jadre researched it and Lucija prepared it.

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Mandarica is an old forgotten cake, quite similar to pudding, that in the past Dubrovnik ladies prepared often. It’s special because it’s made with rice flour combined with rose water (commonly and gladly used in Dubrovnik) in pudding moulds. In the past rice for making sweets was milled in the special small household millstones. This cake is mentioned by the writer Josip Bersa in his book  ̋Dubrovacke slike i prilike ̋ and the art historian Cvito Fiskovic also left us a written record of this cake.

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It is sure that Madarica was made back in 18th century and it’s possible that it was made even long time ago – in 16th century. However, in 1950’s it started disappearing and it’s almost not consumed nowdays. One of the reasons is surely an invention of pudding powder, which is easily mixed (even though Mandarica is quite simple to do too).

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One of the goals of this presentation is to bring back Mandarica, especially in Dubrovnik restaurants. Since we had the chance to try it, we sure hope that Mandarica will make a comeback!
Good Food Festival continues until Sunday, October 22nd.

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