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Dubrovnik the destination for March 2016

Written by  Feb 23, 2016

Looking for a break in the sunshine this March, well according to a recent survey by the popular travel website “GoEuro” the place to be is Dubrovnik. “February has come to an end, the worst of winter is behind us and as the temperatures begin to ascend we can’t help but feel our feet itch, yearning for a getaway,” opens the article.

With the Dubrovnik tourist industry looking for ways to extend the season this type of publicity will help to make potential visitors aware of the beauties of the city outside of the summer period.

Out of the seven destinations recommended by GoEuro the favourite was Dubrovnik. “Whether you’re a fan of the sunshine or a Game of Thrones fanatic, Dubrovnik is a promising holiday spot. Dive into this beautiful white-stone walled city, enjoy the spring harvest and fresh seafood from it’s the crystal blue coastline,” adds GoEuro.

Prague, Venice, Galway, Seville, Amsterdam and the Amalfi Coast were also recommended.

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