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Are too many cruise ships in Dubrovnik a thing of the past? Are too many cruise ships in Dubrovnik a thing of the past?

Solution to Dubrovnik’s cruise ship situation by 2019

By  Mark Thomas Oct 08, 2017

One of the most controversial topics in Dubrovnik is again the focus of attention. After the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, met with representatives of the Cruise Lines Association (CLIA) back in September the Executive Director, Cindy D’Aoust, has sent an official letter to the mayor.

The director of CLIA, on behalf of the cruise industry, thanked Mayor Franković for introducing them to the opportunities and challenges associated with cruise tourism in the Dubrovnik region. "As we have pointed out at the time, our goal is to work closely with local communities to protect these environments while providing superior service to our guests," commented D'Aoust. Adding that a large number of shipping companies have been struggling with the consequences that natural disasters in the Caribbean and the United States have had on their business.

"Our commitment to finding a solution for Dubrovnik remains constant," D'Aoust said. Noting that CLIA is working on the selection of experts who will work alongside leaders of the Dubrovnik tourism project "Respect the City" to find solutions that would be applicable for the next tourist season and the achievement of full control and organization of cruise ships by 2019.

In his reply, Mayor Franković thanked the presidents and directors of CLIA for the expressed understanding of the challenges Dubrovnik is facing and for the readiness of the whole industry of cruise ships to achieve a common goal - preserving Dubrovnik’s unique heritage. While at the same time raising the quality of the overall tourist destination and guest satisfaction.

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