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Speculation that Star Wars is coming soon grows

By  Feb 20, 2016

As the filming dates for the eighth episode of Star Wars in Dubrovnik come ever closer any sign of possible filming is greeted with rumour and counter rumour. This morning tents were erected in two different areas of the Old City of Dubrovnik and were immediately linked to the filming.

Are these the tents for the Star Wars crew or are they tents for the use of the current Mercedes Global Training Event in the city, as yet nobody can confirm either.

The City of Dubrovnik is keeping tight lipped as a contract of silence signed with Lucasfilm, the production company, keeps them from revealing any information to the media. The tents have been erected and will we learn in the coming days if they are indeed to house the Star Wars actors and crew or whether a Mercedes will be placed in them. The Dubrovnik Star Wars sage continues.


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