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New border crossing between Dubrovnik and Bosnia New border crossing between Dubrovnik and Bosnia

New border crossing should ease some of the pain between Dubrovnik and Bosnia and Herzegovina

By  Mark Thomas Sep 01, 2017

A new and expanded border crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dubrovnik was opened this week. The border crossing, which is located in Ivanica, was constructed by the Bosnian authorities at a cost of around 1 million Euro. This new crossing has four lanes for traffic, a modern infrastructure and is equipped to handle a large flow of people and goods.

This border crossing has for decades been the scene of huge delays, anywhere up to five hours, and frustrated drivers as with only one lane, and very few staff, it dealt with people and vehicles extremely slowly. This new border crossing will help ease the tailbacks however it isn’t the end of woe for drivers looking to pass this EU border as there is another border crossing on the Croatian side. There is no news that the Croatian government plans to upgrade this border yet.

This new border crossing appears to be only the tip of the iceberg for future investments in the region. Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Investment Promotion Agency commented it will seek foreign investors for the Ivanica tourism project, which envisages the construction of a tourist town with all necessary facilities on 650 hectares of land. The goal is to turn the town of Ivanica, located only six kilometres from the centre of Croatia's Adriatic pearl of Dubrovnik, into a recognizable and popular tourist destination.

old border crossing

The former border crossing with long delays

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