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Huffington Post brings a 48-hour guide to King's Landing

By  Aug 31, 2017

Season seven of the mega popular Game of Thrones has just finished and all the fans are desperate because they will need to wait a year for the new episodes. However, many websites have rediscovered Dubrovnik and the central location in the HBO serial King's Landing.

One of them is Huffington Post, which brought a great 48 hour guide of King's Landing.

-    Founded in the fifth century, this Mediterranean gem of a walled city is no longer hidden away in the Adriatic Sea, thanks to its status as the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in HBO’s fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” Known as the Pearl of the Adriatic for its magnificent views of the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik, Croatia, was the central city of the maritime republic Ragusa, which was annexed by Napoleonic Italy in the early 19th century. This is King’s Landing, where some of the most important events in George R.R. Martin’s epic saga unfold – states The Huffington Post in the article.

The guide itself is quite detailed and it brings a lot of interesting places, not only for Game of Thrones fans but for every Dubrovnik visitor.

Also, Huffington Post advises readers to visit Dubrovnik in September and October, since the peak of the season is July to August and the crowds are less. 

Well, September is coming, so what are you waiting for?


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