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Jazz cabaret on Lokrum Jazz cabaret on Lokrum Vedran Levi

Ines Trickovic brings jazz cabaret to Dubrovnik

By  Aug 31, 2017

It was cabaret night last evening on the island of Lokrum as Ines Trickovic wooed the audience with the Jazz Cabaret “Lilibelle.” This was the second year in a row that this talented Dubrovnik born jazz singer has performed on the island of Lokrum and, just as the premiere year, it was a huge hit. In fact this was the Croatian premiere of the cabaret and the hour and a half long show was actually written by Trickovic.

ines trickovic lokrum 2017

"Lilibelle" is a 1940’s love story about a singer named Lilibelle who falls madly in love with a US solider called Johnny. Lilibelle she packs her suitcase and moves into an adventure across the world seeking her beloved Johnny. And along the journey Trickovic performed in a variety of languages, including Chinese.

This award-winning jazz singer held a concert on Lokrum last year, where she presented the same program she performed at Carnegie Hall, and the concert was completely sold out.

lilibelle dubrovnik

trickovic with band

Ines Trickovic and Gadjo Manouche Band - Photo Vedran Levi 

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