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Kayak chaos in Dubrovnik as picture perfect postcard view ruined

By  Aug 23, 2017

Dubrovnik is a city of romance, a city of culture, a city of history and unfortunately over the past few years a city of kayaks! This “colourful” scene of a multitude of kayaks was taken on the Pile bay area of the historic Old City and shows stacks of these plastic boats running the view for tourists and locals. Kayaking has exploded in Dubrovnik in recent years and like mushrooms after the rain companies offering all kinds of tours.

Whilst business is obviously booming, and good luck for that, the organisation of the kayaks has got a little out of control. Imagine going for a romantic stroll and hoping to soak up the proud history of the Dubrovnik walls only to be met with hundreds of kayaks washed up on the beach.

And as the City Council and the Mayor seem determined to bring some order to the city’s tourism business maybe the organisation of these kayaks, basically on the doorstep on the city, is a good place to start.

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