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Forest fire breaks out on the island of Mljet

By  Aug 23, 2017

The long, hot Croatian summer has brought with it a number of incidents for the fire brigade, with numerous forest fires all the way along the Adriatic coast. The latest fire in the Dubrovnik region broke out last night on the island of Mljet.

A thick pine forest caught fire and due to the strong northerly winds quickly spread. According to reports from the Mljet fire brigade no residential properties are in danger at this moment.

Thirty fire-fighters from the Mljet fire brigade were quickly on the scene and along with the assistance of the staff of the Mljet National Park fought the fire to bring it under control. Fifty additional fire-fighters are on standby in Dubrovnik if required and a special ferry line will transfer them if needed.


The fire on Mljet is under control and there is no dnager to houses. The fire broke out in the village of Ropa on Mljet and spread towards Blato. 

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