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Camping by the side of busy Dubrovnik road Camping by the side of busy Dubrovnik road Reader's photo

Why camp in a camp-site when you can camp for free where you like in Dubrovnik

By  Aug 15, 2017

For some reason the amount of illegal campers in Dubrovnik this year has exploded. It seems that not a day goes by without another article or photograph of tourists setting up camp in strange positions.

This latest photo was taken on the main road to the Babin Kuk peninsular, ironically around 250 metres from this latest illegal camp is a perfectly legal camp-site. This busy road surely didn’t offer much of a peaceful night’s sleep for these tourists, especially as it is also a busy bus route.

The police seem slow to react to these wild campers around the city and as one citizen commented to The Dubrovnik Times, “I am not so worried about where they sleep I am more worried where they are going to the toilet.”

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