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Nautical friendly Cavtat hosts eight mega yachts this weekend

By  Aug 13, 2017

Cavtat is proving a hit with nautical tourists this year with more and more yachts mooring along the picturesque quayside. Just this weekend eight luxury yachts were anchored along the Cavat waterfront and caught the attention of locals and tourists.

Cavtat is one of the safest harbours along the Croatian Adriatic coast, protected by the natural geography, and with numerous bars and restaurants on the main promenade it is also ideal for making the most of al fresco dining.

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One of the main reasons that Cavtat is popular with yacht owners is its close proximity to the Dubrovnik Airport in Cilipi only a few kilometres away. Millionaire yacht owners jet into Dubrovnik Airport and can be onboard their mega yachts in a few minutes.

This weekend saw the aptly named “Lucky Me” at 43 metres long, “Jo” and “Wheels” both 50 metres long, “Souraya” at 38 metres long, “Vaao” 37 metres, “Alligator” 32 metres, “Bojoux” 32 metres and “Mistre Z” owned by the Belgium businessman Matty Zadnikar all moored in Cavtat.

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Photos - Niksa Duper 

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