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Natures wins again Natures wins again Reader's photo

Adriatic reclaims Dubrovnik beach as sunbeds go for a swim

By  Aug 12, 2017

Rough overnight and early morning seas brought a rude awakening for the staff of the Banje Beach in Dubrovnik today.

Once again man lost another battle against the sea, as the Adriatic picked up dozens of sunbeds and washed them out towards the island of Lokrum. Some sunbeds were left scattered across the beach whilst others were floating in the turquoise sea.

Weather forecasters had predicted a change from the recent baking hot sunshine and overnight the wind direction changed, clouds rolled in and the sea crashed over the beaches. It is rather ironic that this should happen on the Banje Beach as this very beach was the scene of a protest by locals on the number of sunbeds covering the shoreline.

sun beds float

No those aren't kayaks 

banje beach sunbeds sea

Scattered sunbeds