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Police hold back the crowds Police hold back the crowds Željko Tutnjević

Police try to control human traffic jam into Dubrovnik

By  Aug 12, 2017

The warm summer evenings in Dubrovnik are often the nicest time of the day to wander the cobbled streets of the Old City. But last night, in the height of the tourist season, the crowds of tourists trying to enter, and exit, the city centre proved too much.

Police attempted to control the traffic of people on the Pile Gate entrance to the city, however according to eyewitness accounts they were more of a hindrance than a help. “I can’t believe that the police are stopping me from entering my own city, I have never seen this in my life,” explained a resident of the city to The Dubrovnik Times.

These scenes of human traffic jams aren’t uncommon through the day when the cruise ship crush is at its peak. However these photos were taken at 10.00 at night!

crowds dubrovnik

cruise ship crowds dubrovnik

Photos - Zeljko Tutnjevic 

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