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Young Argentinian volunteered for Dubrovnik Caritas Photo by Dubrovnik Bishop Office

Young Argentinian volunteered for Dubrovnik Caritas

Written by  Aug 11, 2017

A young psychologist from Argentina Leandro Javier Lorusso volunteered in Dubrovnik Caritas, and with this selfless, human act, he conquered the hearts of many people in Dubrovnik. He arrived to Dubrovnik last week, and during those couple of days he took the time to volunteer. He explained his act to the Dubrovnik Bishop Office.

-I wanted to do what I did not do in my daily life, to give a part of my free time by doing good to my neighbor. And as my mother, Maria del Pilar, volunteered in Caritas at the Cathedral del los Santos Pedro and Cecilia, in the city of Mar del Plato, it was logical for me to look for Caritas in Dubrovnik. And so I found myself here - said Leandro, who worked hard during his visit. He got a task to arrange food packages for the ''Ruke dobrote'' project, which is funded by the European Fund for Needs Assistance Funds.

Also, the young psychologist expressed the desire to see the activities and programs of the Family Counseling  Center of the Dubrovnik Bishop Office. He was introduced to the work by headmaster Kristina Rozic.

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