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Umbrellas might be needed for rain at last Umbrellas might be needed for rain at last

Get out your umbrellas rain expected this Saturday in Dubrovnik

By  Aug 09, 2017

If you were wondering when the Dubrovnik heat wave was going to end and the humidity levels would drop back down to somewhere near normal the answer is Saturday. So far this August there hasn't been a day when temperatures have dropped below 30 degrees, yes that’s nine days of solid sunshine. And combined with humidity levels that have been over 50 percent it has been a period of extreme weather.

Weather forecasters are predicting that the warmer weather will come to an end, well a brief end, this Saturday when temperatures will drop below 30 degrees and storm clouds will gather over the region.

But the respite from the extreme heat will be a short one as by Sunday the blue skies will be back. Then Dubrovnik can expect another period of high temperatures. So if you have been suffering in the heat make the most of Saturday and some much needed rain.

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